About Us

At European Numismatics, we pride ourselves at being able to offer an alternative means for individuals, to buy and sell coins, jewelry, and artwork. 

From starting out as a family tradition back in 1976, it has grown to encompass our lives and our passion. We hope to give everyone who visitis European Numismatics the same feeling of excitement when you first start your collection. To give the feeling of pride when you first showcase your most prized examples  from your collection. To the feeling of exhilaration when you are able to pass on that prize to a new owner. This is the experience European Numismatics strives towards for every buyer, seller, and visitor.

European Numismatics has a wide variety of categories to choose from. We are always adding and expanding,  so we take anyone and everyone's suggestions for improvement. Our family and friends have specialized in European coins from Poland, Russia, Germany, you name it. We don't want to limit the experience and we encourage everyone to post coins, banknotes, artwork from all around the globe, making this an international destination.

Join us today! And start your Numismatic journey!